Monday, June 1, 2015

"Creed 101" Project

 Creed 101” is a series of You Tube videos about our Catholic faith. The videos are each about 101 seconds long – just a minute and a half or so – and each tackles a question about the faith. We’ve seen these videos pop up on Face Book; all of the videos are available at the Creed 101 website.

Face Book users can “like” the Creed101 page in order to see the videos. It is also possible to sign up to receive the videos by email by visiting this page; new subscribers will receive this email:

Welcome - Thank you for signing up for Creed 101!

Purpose:  Creed101 is a video series that answers questions about the Catholic Faith — all in 101 seconds or less.

Inspiration:  Our creed is our faith or set of beliefs. But too few among us actually understand it and are prepared to defend it. So we set out to eliminate some of the hard work for our viewers and headed straight to a trustworthy source on the faith. The series features priests from the Portland Archdiocese who speak on their favorite topics or areas of interest.

How it works: Every week on Monday at 1:01 pm EST we will release a new episode via Email, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Who it is for:  YOU! This series is meant for you, and we couldn't do it without you. Which means we want your active participation throughout this journey.

What can you do?

• Give us feedback!
• Share. Comment. Like.
• Have ideas for other questions? Do you know a priest that would be good for this series? Reply to the email and let us know!
Want to get involved? We are looking for:

• Web Developers
• Copywriters
• Bloggers
• Apologists
• People passionate about this topic... contact us!


Creed 101 Team

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