Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some Side Effects of the New Translation

There's a great post by Anita over at V-For-Victory blog called "Eye-openers from the New Translation". Go and read the whole thing at the link.

Here's one example of her "eye-openers":

"There are a few realities to which the new translation has opened my eyes. Firstly, when samples of the new translation began to come out a few years ago -- before I ever attended Mass in the Extraordinary Form -- it became clear to me for the first time that the Mass is full of scriptural allusions and signs of the supernatural that had been effectively blotted out in the now-obsolete translation. Now that we have a translation more in line with the original Latin, these little treasures have been restored: it is like getting a pair of glasses after a lifetime of myopia, and realizing for the first time that you hadn't really been able to see. "

Anita also makes some very good points about the Ordinary Form of the Mass: she maintains that it's really very difficult to follow for the uninitiated.

What?!? (Hear the cry of the Novus Ordo fans!)

Yes, she's right: it's full of options at every turn, "the use of many of which is determined entirely by the pleasure of the priest.  There are three forms of greeting; three forms of the penitential rite; eight possible Gospel acclamations for use during Lent; two possible professions of faith; no fewer than ten (10) choices of Eucharistic prayer; three possible memorial acclamations; and four options for dismissal." 

The extraordinary form, on the other hand, is free of this kind of encumbrance. 

There are other good points in her post; it's well worth the read.

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