Monday, May 7, 2012

Another Parish: Our Lady of the Valley in La Grande

Returning to the “get to know your diocese” theme, here we highlight some photos from Our Lady of the Valley Parish in La Grande, Oregon.

This parish has a nice website with the basics simply presented and easy to access. There are no photo albums at this point, but the person who takes care of the website is a stellar photographer and has provided me with some photos of the stained glass windows to show you here (they're down below).

First, here are some shots of the exterior of the church:

In hunting around on the internet for some photos, I ran across this site which had these wonderful photos taken during the construction of the church:


And here are some of the stained glass windows:

Here are some shots of the old high altar and side altars:

Here you can see the reredoes behind the newer stand-alone altar which has replaced the old high altar for the most part. The old altar has been put into use in the last couple of years for the celebration of the extraordinary form of the Mass:

The statues that were probably originally in those nooks are still floating around the parish in other places. Perhaps one day the sanctuary will be restored to its original glory!

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