Saturday, April 21, 2012

Parish Pictures: Diocese of Baker

In an effort to help the people of different parishes become acquainted with each other, here are a few photos from websites of several parishes in the Diocese of Baker.

It's amazing how few parishes have websites; and not all websites have photo albums. That said, here are some of my finds:

From the website of St. Patrick parish in Madras:

Dedication of the altar at Blessed Kateri -
a mission church of St. Patrick.

From the website of St. Thomas in Redmond:

St. Thomas Church

St. Thomas Altar Christmas 2011
The altar at Christmas

St. Thomas Church Baptismal Font
Baptismal font at back of church

St. Edward in Sisters has many photos here, which won't allow themselves to be copied and pasted - you can follow the link to view them.

I hope to continue this project over the next week or so. Feel free to email photos of your parish if you'd like to help the rest of the diocese get to know you!  

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