Friday, July 20, 2012

Vocations and the EF Mass

A short article by Fr. McDonald at Southern Orders blog is worth considering. He sees the value of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass (the Traditional Latin Mass) as an important factor in motivating boys and men to consider a priestly vocation.

He says in part:

…What is it about the Tridentine Mass now known also as the Extraordinary Form of the Mass that attracts young boys and men to consider a priestly vocation and in great numbers?

The ethos of the EF Mass is more masculine in "personality" compared to the Ordinary Form. By that I mean it is more regimented, military like, "soldier like", "march like" and in sinc with masculine attitudes for better or worse. Men are more private about their faith, less flamboyant and not normally given to wanting to be the center of attention. They are more cut and dry, prefer precise directions and less prone to the openness of how females conduct themselves…

Fr. McDonald also notes the importance of “the cult of altar boys” as a recruitment tool”

The cult of altar boys as a recruitment for the seminary and priesthood has been lost as well as forming a community of altar boys based upon prayer and carrying out the rites of the Mass and other liturgies with great precision and pride. For the most part this has been lost in most parishes and altar servers are not well trained, have minor roles during the liturgy and don't take what they do as seriously as is demanded by the right implementation the celebration of the Mass.

…[W]e need to recover that which promoted and inspired young boys and men to consider the priesthood.

Read the entire article here.

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