Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Choice of Liturgical Music

Here's what I should have heard for the "opening hymn" (the introit) at Mass last Sunday:

Here's what I heard instead:

The musicians are really much better than they sound on the video, but still...the music is simply not good music. And bad music sung well is still bad music. In addition, the text of the song the choir chose to sing does not at all resemble the text of the official antiphon the Church designates as the choice for the Mass of the 28th Sunday of Ordinary Time. The song was chosen because it was about eating, and the readings were about eating, so that must make it a good choice...right? Wrong!

We must learn to think with the mind of the Church, instead of picking and choosing according to our own desires and preferences. There are still options, but they are more limited than OCP and other "liturgical" publications would have us believe.

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