Sunday, October 9, 2011

Important Links for Singing the Mass

There is an official music of the Mass! And it may come as a surprise to many to find that the official music is NOT found in "Breaking Bread", "JourneySongs", or other similar publications from OCP.

The official music of the Church is found in the Graduale Romanum (Roman Gradual), which has the proper antiphons for every Sunday of the year. What are the "propers"? Those are the antiphons we are to sing at the places in the Mass where we currently have an "entrance hymn", a responsorial psalm, the alleluia verse, the offertory hymn, and the communion hymn. There are now English versions of these propers set to simple Gregorian chant melodies. They are available as "Simple English Propers". That's a page of the Musica Sacra website where you may download to entire book. For lots of general information and resources, visit the main page at Musica Sacra website. This is the official website of the Church Music Association of America.  You may also access the Graduale Romanum at this website; see the "Chant Books" tab.

Back to the Simple English Propers: you may visit The Chant Cafe to hear them sung, Sunday by Sunday. There are plenty of other good resources and articles here, so be sure to explore the site.

For the "full meal deal" - that is, for the Latin chant propers (for the ordinary form of the Mass), as well as the ordinary (Kyrie, Gloria, Agnus Dei, Sanctus, Credo) visit the Chabanel Psalms website.

More links and resources will be listed soon!

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