Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Freedom of Chant

Anita at V-For-Victory has another good post on the Mass. Here’s the opening paragraph – be sure to read the rest.

Yesterday, I found myself at a Mass caught in the clutches of a sort of pop music "choir." The guitars, tambourines, mics, and bee-boppy quality of the repertoire destroyed all meditation and recollection.  I couldn't look at the priest through most of the Mass, because he was on the verge of dancing to the beat.  Despite the presence of a perfectly good choir loft, the oversized group and their many accoutrements were parked next to the altar.  The sight of even the best-behaved musicians next to the altar is a major distraction; even more so when they are dancing around and/or dressed outlandishly or immodestly.

Yet, for some reason, this circus is still considered by many to be preferable to sacred chant, in Latin…

Anita goes on to challenge us to experience the freedom of chant. “Try chant,” she says, adding (my emphasis):

Get used to singing it, or at least listening to it, and you find that it quite puts the lie to the idea that it and other aspects of traditional worship represent repression and hide-bound uptightness.  On the contrary, it opens our eyes to the difference between the banal and the transcendent.  
Be sure to read the whole thing here.


  1. How beautiful is the Georgian Chant and the Traditional Latin Mass with all its Splendor and Beauty and Majesty ...how Our Jesus is adored .

    The Most beautiful Mass this side of Heaven ..Heaven and Earth meet ...

  2. Jeanne! You read this blog, too?! Thanks!

  3. Yes, I sure do !
    Another GREAT blog to nourish my soul !
    I want to learn and nourish myself as much as possible!
    It truly inspires me Jay and your writings along with this blog do just that! Thanks so much ladies!