Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dressing for Mass

I noticed an article a week or so ago with the interesting title of “How Changing What I Wear Changed My Approach to Mass”. We’ve addressed the topic of dressing for Mass on this blog before (see this homily by Fr. Eric Andersen).  

The point is not that we should view Mass as a fashion show or a way to impress your fellow parishioners – not by any stretch of the imagination!  

The point is that we go to Mass to worship the King of the Universe, and our attire ought to reflect the dignity and importance of the occasion.

There might be a better choice!

Here’s an excerpt from the article – be sure to read the entire thing at the link above:

It started a few months ago, when I was frantically digging through my closet, per my pre-Mass morning routine. I frowned at most of the choices, wondered once again how my closet could be so packed yet have so few things I actually want to wear in it, and then I paused when my hand rested on a nice blue sweater. It's one of my favorite tops, and works perfectly with a black skirt. It's classically stylish, modest, flattering, and I feel great every time I wear it. After examining it I pushed it aside with the thought:

I should save that one for a special occasion.

I ended up throwing on another outfit, some ill-fitting slacks and a blouse that mildly resembled a crumpled potato sack. I thought about that decision all the way to Mass. As much as I tried to tell myself that the clothes don't make the woman, I could not deny that my careless attire was dragging down my mood. And, more importantly, what message had I sent to myself by saying that I didn't want to wear a "special occasion" outfit to the holy sacrifice of the Mass?!

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