Monday, January 9, 2012

Remember Folk Mass Music...and Move On!

As Jeffrey Tucker comments on The Chant Cafe, “[t]his page of folk music for Mass should be bookmarked and listened to often, so that we can always remember the mistakes of the past.”
For instance:

Whether you remember these songs with fond nostalgia or churning stomach, there's a point to be made here.
Even if you liked these songs once upon a time, you will probably admit that they are now quite dated. The truth is, the Mass songs many are fond of right now, in 2012, will go the same way as these folk songs. That's because the music choices we have before us in song books like "Journeysongs", "Glory and Praise", "Flor Y Canto" are far from ideal from a liturgical standpoint. They are not "classic" pieces, and they will someday be seen as reflecting a time gone by. They'll be "old-fashioned."
Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony, on the other hand, present to us timeless pieces that will never be "dated".
For instance:

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